Microblink Pioneers Modular Approach to Document Identity Verification, Transforming Industry Standards

Global leader in AI-powered identity solutions unveils flexible new system for streamlining identity document verification.

BROOKLYN, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 20, 2023 / Microblink, a pioneering force in AI-powered identity verification, today launched its groundbreaking modular solution for identity document verification. With its plug-and-play design and unparalleled accuracy, Microblink’s innovative modular approach represents a major advancement in identity document verification, providing unprecedented flexibility for global customers in banking, financial services, insurance, travel, telecom, and more.

“Our BlinkID Suite revolutionizes identity document verification,” said Hartley Thompson, President of Microblink.

“We’ve always prioritized user-centric design and flexibility for our customers, and this innovative approach sets a new standard for meeting our customers’ diverse needs.”

Microblink’s new solution greatly simplifies integration, lowering barriers for businesses to implement advanced identity document verification technology. Alongside the product launch, Microblink has introduced interactive demos to showcase the modular solution’s capabilities. Interested parties can experience firsthand how Microblink is streamlining identity document verification for iOS, Android, and browsers here.

As digital transactions and verification needs rise, Microblink’s innovations lead the way in providing reliable, efficient, flexible solutions for industries relying on identity document verification. From customer onboarding to insurance claims, Microblink’s breakthrough technology enables digital transformation through fast, secure verification.

About Microblink:

Microblink is an industry leader in AI-powered computer vision for identity document and payment card verification. With offices worldwide and global brands in banking, financial services, insurance, travel, and telecom sectors. Their dedication to technological innovation and client satisfaction is unrivaled, setting them apart as leaders in their field.

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