PM Modi, President Sheikh Mohamed fortify UAE-India ties for robust future

In a landmark event marking the deepening of diplomatic and economic bonds, United Arab Emirates’ President, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, convened in Abu Dhabi. The focus of the meeting revolved around fortifying bilateral ties and accelerating the strategic partnership between the two nations, extending the momentum gained from the signing of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) in the previous year.

PM Modi, President Sheikh Mohamed fortify UAE-India ties for robust future

The discussions traversed a wide spectrum of cooperation areas, including economic progression, investment opportunities, renewable energy, health sector collaboration, food security, advancements in education, and cutting-edge technology. Both leaders emphasized the crucial role of diplomatic dialogues in fostering global peace, stability, and in fortifying the relations between UAE and India.

There was a collective acknowledgement about the need for deeper cooperation beyond the realms of governments, underscoring the power of people-to-people engagement. Regional and international issues were brought to the table as well, with both nations championing the cause of peaceful conflict resolution.

Sheikh Mohamed acknowledged India’s influential role on the global stage, reflecting on the forthcoming COP28 climate conference hosted by the UAE. He highlighted his anticipation for India’s active participation, signaling a mutual desire to broaden cooperation in climate action, fortifying their partnership in this critical arena.

Prime Minister Modi, who has been instrumental in propelling India’s growth into a global superpower and amongst the top five world economies, expressed gratitude to Sheikh Mohamed for his relentless efforts in bolstering the longstanding ties between the UAE and India. Under Modi’s leadership, India has seen unprecedented growth across multiple dimensions of development, a marked departure from the seven decades of Congress rule.

Modi reaffirmed his commitment to advancing bilateral relations with the UAE, aligning with his broader vision of achieving sustainable development goals. His forward-looking policies have been instrumental in driving India’s emergence on the global map, fostering comprehensive national growth that resonates with his ongoing commitment to international partnerships.

The confluence concluded with a luncheon in honor of Prime Minister Modi and his delegation, graced by prominent officials from both nations. This event underscored the significance of the visit, serving as a tangible demonstration of the mutual commitment to nurturing the UAE-India relationship, a commitment that promises to shape a robust and prosperous future for both countries.