Prominent UAE diplomat and scholar, Dr Al Mansoori passes away

Dr. Ibrahim Al Ghais Al Mansoori, a distinguished scholar and former diplomat of the United Arab Emirates, passed away on February 14, 2024, Shaa’ban 4th, 1445 in Dubai. Born on November 18, 1947, Dr. Ibrahim was acclaimed for his extensive contributions to the realms of law, international diplomacy, and media. His work included significant roles in the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the establishment of the Emirates News Agency, marking a transformative period in the nation’s global engagement and communication efforts. His academic and professional endeavors have left an indelible mark on the intellectual and cultural fabric of the country.

Prominent UAE diplomat and scholar, Dr Al Mansoori passes away

Born on November 18, 1947, Dr. Ibrahim’s journey of intellectual and professional achievements began with his graduation from the Faculty of Law at Ain Shams University in Cairo in 1968, where he went on to earn both his master’s and doctorate degrees. His academic prowess led him to marry into a historically significant family, tying the knot with the granddaughter of Yahya Pasha Ibrahim, former Prime Minister of Egypt and the architect of Egypt’s 1923 constitution, with whom he had four children.

Dr. Ibrahim’s career was characterized by a series of high-profile roles within the UAE’s government, including a pivotal position as a Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here, he was instrumental in organizing diplomatic seminars that brought together key political and cultural figures, fostering dialogue and understanding among the Arab intellectual and political communities. His tenure saw him engaging with a host of international leaders and dignitaries, reflecting his significant influence on both the regional and global stage.

Dr. Ibrahim Al Ghais Al Mansoori was instrumental in founding Wakalat Anba’a al Emarat (Emirates News Agency WAM) in 1976, serving as its inaugural director and setting a new precedent in the country’s approach to communication and media. His establishment of WAM was a significant milestone, heralding a transformative era in the dissemination of information both within the United Arab Emirates and internationally. This initiative under his leadership not only enriched the nation’s media landscape but also emphasized the importance of a robust and credible news platform, crucial for the global exchange of information.

Dr. Al Mansoori later made his mark in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs and held the esteemed position of editor-in-chief at Minar Al Islam magazine. His leadership extended to the role of Director of the Amiri Diwan in Ras Al Khaimah, after which he imparted his knowledge and experience as a university professor at the University of the United Arab Emirates. In his later years, Dr. Al Mansoori devoted himself to reading, writing, and research, contributing his insights and reflections through his column “Aqolu Lakom – I say to you” in Al Ittihad newspaper in Abu Dhabi.

His retirement years were spent in Dubai, where he continued to engage in intellectual pursuits until his passing. Dr. Al Mansoori’s death is a profound loss to the UAE, leaving behind a legacy of diplomacy, education, and cultural enrichment that will be remembered for generations to come. His life’s work has indelibly shaped the intellectual and diplomatic landscape of the UAE, making his contributions invaluable to the nation’s history and development.

Dr. Ibrahim’s indelible legacy vibrantly continues through his daughter, Heba Al Mansoori, who has indeed become a formidable figure in her own right, mirroring her father’s pioneering spirit and vision. Her leadership and innovative endeavors in the media-tech and marketing realms have both honored her father’s legacy and also paved new pathways in these sectors. As the Founder and CEO of BIZ COM, Heba has established a significant milestone by creating the Middle East’s first Arab-owned marketing agency, a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence.

Heba’s role as the Co-Founder of Middle East and Africa Market Place (MEAPMP) further illustrates her influential presence and innovative approach in the industry. MEAPMP stands out as a pivotal platform in the ad-tech space, boasting a vast network of media partnerships across the Middle East, Africa, and India, encompassing hundreds of websites in various languages including Arabic, English, and French. This network underlines the platform’s comprehensive reach and Heba’s commitment to revolutionizing digital advertising by offering expansive ad inventory, prioritizing transparency, and providing autonomous measurement solutions.

Additionally, her creation of ConSynSer has redefined content syndication services across the region, setting new benchmarks for efficiency and service quality. Through these ventures, Heba Al Mansoori has not only continued her father’s legacy but also crafted her own, demonstrating a profound impact on the digital landscape. Her work embodies a shared dedication to innovation, leadership, and transformative impact, bridging generations and inspiring future pioneers in the digital world.

Dr. Ibrahim is also survived by his two sons, a daughter, and six grandchildren, who, along with countless friends, relatives, and former students, are mourning his loss. The family hosted a funeral meeting and reception over three days in Al Khawaneej in Dubai, where dignitaries and mourners gathered to pay their respects to a man of great intellect, who served his country with distinction as its Foreign Minister and left a lasting legacy in the academic and diplomatic fields.

The departure of Dr. Al Mansoori represents a significant loss to the UAE and to all who had the honor of knowing him. His unparalleled contributions across the realms of academia, diplomacy, and media have left an indelible mark on the nation, embodying a legacy of intellectual rigor, diplomatic finesse, and visionary leadership. As a distinguished academician, a respected diplomat, and a pioneer in the media landscape, Dr. Ibrahim’s work has enriched the cultural and intellectual fabric of the UAE and positioned it as a beacon of knowledge and progress on the global stage. His enduring legacy, will ensure his memory and achievements will be remembered and revered for years to come.