Tech stocks drive Norway’s sovereign fund to $213 billion profit

Norway’s colossal sovereign wealth fund announced a groundbreaking achievement on Tuesday, as it revealed a record profit of $213 billion (2.22 trillion kroner) for the year 2023. This remarkable financial milestone was primarily fueled by the fund’s robust investments in the technology sector. The fund, known as the Government Pension Fund Global, ranks among the world’s largest investors, and this result marked its highest return in kroner to date.

Tech stocks drive Norway's sovereign fund to $213 billion profit

Despite a challenging backdrop of high inflation and geopolitical turmoil, the equity market’s strength in 2023 stood in stark contrast to the previous year’s weakness in 2022, as stated by Nicolai Tangen, CEO of Norges Bank Investment Management, which oversees the fund. The journey to this record profit comes after the fund suffered a historic loss of 1.64 trillion Norwegian kroner in 2022, an outcome attributed to “very unusual” market conditions at that time.

The swings in fortune highlight the volatility and unpredictability inherent in the financial markets. Tangen emphasized the strong performance of technology stocks, underlining their pivotal role in the fund’s success. The Government Pension Fund Global’s return on investment for the year reached 16.1%, albeit slightly below the fund’s benchmark index by 18 basis points.

Established in the 1990s, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund has a mandate to invest surplus revenues generated by the nation’s oil and gas sector. Over the years, it has deployed its capital into more than 8,500 companies spanning 70 countries worldwide. In 2023, Norges Bank Investment Management reported a 21.3% return on equity investments, a 6.1% return on fixed income investments, and a challenging -12.4% return on unlisted real estate investments, primarily due to rising interest rates and subdued demand.

However, the fund did find a silver lining in its investments in unlisted renewable energy infrastructure, which yielded a positive return of 3.7% in 2023. At the close of the year, the fund’s portfolio allocation revealed that nearly 80% of its assets were invested in equities, 27.1% in fixed income, 1.9% in unlisted real estate, and a minor 0.1% in unlisted renewable energy infrastructure.

Looking ahead to 2024, during a press conference, Nicolai Tangen addressed the looming geopolitical challenges that could impact global stocks. He highlighted concerns related to geopolitical hotspots, the tensions between the United States and China, nearshoring trends leading to inflationary pressures, longer trading routes, higher freight costs, and the unknown geopolitical factors that could arise.

In a world where geopolitical uncertainties continue to influence financial markets, the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund’s remarkable turnaround in 2023 serves as a beacon of resilience amidst turbulent times. However, as indicated by Tangen, the road ahead remains uncertain, with potential challenges and unforeseen events lurking on the horizon.