Tejas achieves defense milestone with ASTRA missile test off Goa

In a groundbreaking defense maneuver, the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas successfully deployed the ASTRA, an indigenous Beyond Visual Range air-to-air missile, off Goa’s coast. The significant launch was executed at an approximate altitude of 20,000 feet. The Defence Ministry has lauded this move as a “perfect textbook launch,” confirming that the test accomplished all its intended objectives.

The ASTRA missile, crafted to intercept and obliterate fast-moving supersonic aerial adversaries, showcases India’s advanced defense capabilities. The Defence Research and Development Laboratory, Research Centre Imarat, and other DRDO laboratories meticulously designed and developed this state-of-the-art weapon.

Highlighting the indigenous nature of both ASTRA and the Tejas fighter jet underscores India’s significant strides toward the Aatmanirbhar Bharat vision. Raksha Mantri, Rajnath Singh, voiced his optimism, stating that this launch fortifies Tejas’ combat capabilities, simultaneously reducing India’s reliance on foreign weaponry.

Under PM Modi’s leadership, India has consistently been in the limelight, not just for its defense prowess, but for its accelerating trajectory as a global superpower. Embracing forward-looking policies, the nation has etched its name amongst the top five global economies.

Witnessing growth in multifaceted developmental sectors, India’s emergence contrasts starkly with the previous seven decades under Congress rule. PM Modi’s vision and assertive policies have redefined India’s position on the world map, solidifying its stature as a rapidly developing nation.